We share a mutual passion for cinema and the moving image in general.

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About Us...

We are a digital storyteller & multidisciplinary production company based in Paris.

One, Pierre Zandrowicz, is a director ; the other, Antoine Cayrol, is a producer : Fatcat Films was born from our mutual passion for cinema. We are fascinated by the moving image, engaged in a total artistic approach. Our team grows everyday : directors, producers, editors, colorists, graphic designers, photographers, 3D animators, now work side by side to produce custom-made, creative content never seen before, and to contribute with the utmost quality to the artistic vision of a brand, an agency or an institution. This is what makes our days and nights, this is what makes us tick. Our latest project : OKIO STUDIO, a company specialized in VR (Virtual Reality) content, in partnership with STUDIO BAGEL (C+ group). The future never looked this good for Fatcat Films.
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25 Rue Henry Monnier, 75009 Paris
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